5 Essential Shoes

This week I wanted to share with you my top five essential shoes for Minnesota. I find the these five styles to be my center points for the different seasons and occasions. I am going to start off with a must have shoe for Minnesota winters.


These Sorel boots have gotten me through some of the toughest winter days here in Minnesota. They are warm, durable, and keep out the mushy snow. They grip well and go perfect with a nice pair of wool socks. I found these beauties at my local Goodwill and I see them there pretty often. I highly recommend these for any wintery adventure!


My next essential shoe can be used in all seasons. These Timberlands are durable and offer great support for rough terrain. I have wider feet and horrible balance, making it difficult to find heels that work for me. Even though these are adventure boots, I still enjoy wearing them on fancier occasions.


These next Dolce Vita for Target shoes are perfect for wearing around the office. I’ve been looking for some nice dress shoes that I can wear from day to night. These shoes are both comfortable and professional, while still remaining stylish.


You can’t have a list of essential shoe styles without your sneakers. My husband surprised me with these Nikes and I have to say that he nailed my black and gold aesthetic. I have been apprehensive about wearing sneakers, but these ones are stylish and go well with my huge collection of black textured leggings.


The last shoes on my list are sandals that can be worn in multiple seasons. I love the closed toe on these Deanna & Ozzy shoes. I can wear them with tights in the colder seasons and with a cute summer dress in the warmer seasons. The cutouts on the shoes create a nice modest, yet breathable sandal.


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