At Home Manicure Journey

I’ve been searching for a while now for the perfect at home manicure. I wanted that nail salon manicure look, without breaking the bank. I found some products that seem to work well for me and some that I would pass on. In the end, I found something that works for me. Continue reading to see what I found!


Since I have brittle nails, I wanted to start with something that would help heal them prior to adding some color. I choose to try the Nail HQ All in One strengthener. I enjoyed that I could use this as a base coat for my nails before putting on a color. I used this product in combination with biotin supplements and found that the results seemed to work on improving my nails.


One product that I heard a lot about and wanted to try was Jamberry nail stickers. I can see the appeal of the patterned stickers, but didn’t find them to be that practical. I am not a nail expert and found putting on the stickers to be a little difficult. When I was done applying them, there were lots of bubbles under the sticker and they started breaking off. I  have seen others use these successfully, but it was not really what I was looking for.


When using regular color polish, I like to use the Essie brand. They offer a lot of fun colors and I find the nail polish to not be as watered down as other brands. The polish stays on well and I found I only needed 1-2 coats. However, I am really active with my hands and any regular color polish tends to chip when I am working. I wanted to continue my search for something more permanent.


Since I enjoy simple designs on nails, I decided to try doing a design that I tend to have done at the nail salon. For the design, I used L.A. Color Art Deco polish. It’s just like regular polish except there is a smaller brush so you can do finer detail. I found that it worked well for thicker lines, but I wasn’t able to draw any nice looking thin lines. It worked for what I was trying to accomplish, but I wouldn’t recommend it for creating thinner and more detailed designs.


The next product that I tried was the Matte Top Coat from H & M. With this product you simply paint the top coat over any colors. I found that it did a great job of unifying the colors that I used and created a nice looking matte surface. However, it did make it a lot easier for my nails to chip or scratch against other surfaces. My nails were already scrapped up after about an hour of them drying.



The final, and most successful, product that I tried was the Sensational Gel Polish treatment. I finally decided to purchase a small Gel Polish kit for $30 on Amazon and found that it was money well spent. It is a longer process to complete the gel nails, but the end product lasts for weeks. Since I have thin and brittle nails, the gel coat has been great in protecting then from breaking. The gel nail kit keeps my nails looking freshly painted while providing protection from elements that might chip or flake my nails.


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