Wedding Invitations

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Set)

This week, I’ve been super busy preparing and designing all of the invites and stationary for our wedding reception. Carson and I are centering our reception around the theme of rocks. We are using rose quartz, green calcite, quartz crystals, tourmaline, and pyrite.

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Invite).jpg

In order to save money on our invites, I decided to design them all myself. I was even able to print them all off at home. Since  the invites are backed with brown paper, I didn’t need to use any special paper to print the actual invite on.

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (RSVP).jpg

Before designing each of the cards, we ordered different rocks off that we could use to study. It was nice to have them as inspiration! Having our guests RSVP online or by phone saved us a bunch of money on stamps. I would recommend using

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Program).jpg

When creating our theme, we knew that we wanted it to be modern and easy to read. I tried to only include the necessary information for our guests. The programs will be used to create tabletop sculptures for our reception. Stay tuned for updates!

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Thank You).jpg

I really like to be prepared for large events like this, so I pre made my thank you cards. These cards will be backed with brown paper and filled out after our reception.

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Social).jpg

We want to be able to have access to all of the photos taken at our reception. Therefore, we created a hashtag for our guests to use on social media. These will also be used for table top sculptures. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

Gallery 417 Wedding Design (Advice).jpg

During our reception, we are asking our guests to fill out wedding advice cards that we can look at in the future. We plan to have these around to look back on whenever we need a reminder of how much we love each other! It was a lot of fun designing these invites with the rock theme in mind. It also saved us a bunch of money too!



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