Honeymoon in Iceland

Today I wanted to post some photographs from our honeymoon to Iceland. We were there for 10 days and stayed in Reykjavik. It was such an adventure exploring the land and the culture!


We used Air BnB to find a home to stay in. We love that you can choose a place that reflects your personal style and it was the same price as a hotel!

Before we went, I was a littler nervous that it would be hard to find vegetarian food. There were some great restaurants where we were able to have some great, fresh vegetarian meals. Glo, one of my favorites, was a deli styled eatery where you could choose from a large variety of healthy dishes. We did find that most of the food was pretty expensive and ended up getting a lot of food from the local grocery store. However, some of the food there was still expensive. A green pepper was $6 at the grocery store!

On the weekend we spent time at the local flea market and went to a few art museums. One of the strangest, yet prettiest, things we found at the market were Puffin eggs. I fell in love with their blue color and brown speckles.

One of our favorite places that we visited was the Blue Lagoon. We literally spent all day there. We got floating water massages in the lagoon that allowed us to relax after hiking the previous day. The Blue Lagoon offers face masks made out of natural minerals, a swim up bar, saunas, and a lot of places to explore. Throughout our stay we were able to visit a large number of geothermal heated pools and spas. We even went to natural heated springs and rivers!

While in Iceland, we spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the land. We used a travel app to do a self-guided tour of the Golden Circle, visited multiple waterfalls, and hiked through geothermal areas. It seemed that wherever we went there was so much to explore.

Iceland was such a great place for us to go for our Honeymoon. We were able to spend a lot of time outdoors, while also experiencing a relaxing and romantic environment. There is so much more there to see and I can’t wait to go back!



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