Carry On Essentials



I just arrived back from my honeymoon trip to Iceland and I wanted to share with you my carry on essentials for an international trip. I tend to get nervous before flying, so I like to have items to keep me distracted and busy while I am at the airport and on the plane. The items that I am sharing with you were perfect for my trip, my husband was even able to keep himself occupied with some of these items.


One of the most important items is a carry on bag. I wanted to use a bag that was comfortable, stylish, and large enough for all of my items. This unlined leather tie bag from ASOS was perfect and it was only $52, pretty cheap for a large leather bag. This bag also folds up pretty small for easy transport.

I wanted to be able to remember our trip and found this Rifle Paper Co. travel journal to work perfectly. I was able to write down what we did that day on one side of the page and post items that we collected from that day. Now we will be able to look back at our trip and the memories that we shared, along with take away items that we found along the way.


Since our flight was 6 hours long, I wanted to make sure that I had a good book to read. I have been getting a lot of suggestions to read this book, #GirlBoss and decided that this would be the perfect opportunity. I loved reading about the journey and being inspired by a strong independent women! I would recommend this book to any young lady looking to make it on her own.


Adult coloring books are a fun time killer. This adult activity book, Moodles, was a great way for my husband and I to release some creativity while waiting at the airport. Moddles offers multiple books each themed with a different emotion. I knew we would be changing time zones and would need to stay up for a while to make the change. My husband tends to get grumpy when he doesn’t sleep and this turned out to be a great way for him to get out his grumpies.


When traveling, I find it essential to have wet wipes and chapstick. These wet wipes from H & M smell amazing! We even ended up using them as air fresheners in our rental car. They came in very handy when we needed to wipe down our hands on the airplane. This Mongo Kiss chapstick works great and is also environmentally friendly. Who doesn’t need chapstick when traveling? This was great to have when we were traveling to a colder climate too.


This Fuji Film Mini 8 was so perfect for our trip! We made sure to bring plenty of film with us and took polaroids along the way. We were even able to take polaroids of our journey and glue them into our travel journal. We were able to take some easy pictures to capture our memories without the hassle of having to print the photographs off when we arrived home.


I love sunglasses and was able to find these reasonably priced sunglasses from ASOS for under $15. The sunglasses came with a carrying case, which made it easy to transport them without worrying about them getting scratched in my carry on. Since the sun doesn’t set in Iceland, it was nice to have these when we walked off the plane after we landed.


When flying internationally, the planes usually have screens in the bad of the headrests. Rather than using the cheap headphones that are provided, it is nice to have your own quality headphones to use on the flight. We even downloaded a few movies to our phones to watch at the airport and watched them using a headphone splitter. The cords on these headphones wrapped up around a clip, making it super easy to pack my headphones without tangling the cord.


This passport case came in really handy when storing our passports, boarding passes, and baggage receipts. Rather than having to keep all our papers inside of our passports or scattered in our bags, we were able to keep everything organized within its own pocket. I picked up this cute design from Target before leaving.


We thought it was important to have a map of Reykjavik handy when we landed. It was nice to have when we had a few hours to kill before checking into our Air bnb. This map provided us with information on places to see, things to eat, and activities to do in the city center. Plus, I love the design of this map and it folds up nice and small.


Lastly, make sure to pack some pencils or pens! Last time we traveled we had packed notebooks and activity books, but forgot writing utensils and ended up purchasing some at the airport. I loved these black and gold pencils, the eraser even extends when you run out.

Having all of these items with me on my carry on made a large difference when waiting at the airport and flying. They kept me occupied and calmed my nerves about flying. Since this was such a long flight, I made sure to pack enough activities to keep myself occupied during the trip. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for posts about our trip to Iceland!


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