Styling Your Home Office

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I thought I would show you a peek into my home office today. When you are working from home, it is important that you surround yourself with objects and tools that inspire creativity and productivity. Keeping your workspace tidy and organized can lead to accomplishing more during your day. Continue reading below to find out what products I use to stay motivated and productive when I am working from home.


  • Whenever I need inspiration I try looking through photography and other art based catalogues. I swap out the magazines once a month so I always have new sources of information and inspiration.
  • Interested in the magazine holder. Check it out here.

gallery-417-home-office-clock copy copy.jpg


  • When I am working from home, I alway like to know what time it is. I tend to get too focused on certain projects and loose track of how much time has passed. I love pairing this vintage clock with more modern decor.
  • Interested in the clock? Check this one out and more on the Etsy page by clicking here.

gallery-417-home-office-pencils copy copy.jpg


  • You always need good pencils on your desk! Plus, these ones are metallic and make me want to write things down. Using the vintage canning jar as a holder allows me to see which pencil is the sharpest of the bunch.
  • Interested in these pencils? Purchase them by clicking here.
  • Interested in the jar? Find ones similar to this on the Etsy by clicking here.

gallery-417-home-office-pictures copy copy.jpg


  • Since my desk is against a wall, I needed something to look at while I was working. I made these using frames from Goodwill and some photos from a magazine. It’s nice to have something for my eyes to land on when I am thinking of ideas.
  • Stay tuned for a DIY tutorial on these gold framed photos!


gallery-417-home-office-calendar copy copy.jpg


  • I always need to know the date when I am working or signing papers. This cute fox from West Elm helps me keep track of my days. It’s nice to be able to look up from my work and immediately see what day it is.

gallery-417-home-office-stapler copy copy.jpg


  • I love using this gold stapler! It was nice to find a stapler that matched the decor of my office, plus it works great.
  • Interested in purchasing this stapler? Click here.

gallery-417-home-office-plant copy copy.jpg


  • Since there are no windows near my office and I can’t keep plants alive, this succulent bowl is perfect for where I am located. I still get to enjoy the idea of plants and their calming qualities without having to worry about it dying.
  • Interested in purchasing this? Click here.

gallery-417-home-office-lamp1 copy copy.jpg


  • A good desk lamp is such a great thing to have. I work a lot with small details when I working on my artwork and the more light that’s available the better. This light is very adjustable so I am able to change the angles of the light as needed.
  • Interested in this lamp? Purchase it here.

gallery-417-home-office-case-copy copy copy.jpg


  • When I was in school it seemed like everyone had the same laptop as me. I wanted to be able to identify my laptop from everyone else’s in my classes. I decided to get one of these laptop stickers for my computer and it worked perfectly.
  • Interested in cases like these? Click here.

gallery-417-home-office2 copy copy.jpg

When styling your home office find a particular aesthetic that you enjoy and stick with that theme throughout. Thanks for reading today’s post! Stay tuned for future posts on home decor and styling!



4 thoughts on “Styling Your Home Office

  1. Samiya Osayed says:

    love this post!! and all the details!!! I just shared some home styling and makeover tips on the blog as well!! and you are very right in choosing a style!! My style ranges from luxe to minimal!


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